Randy Reid

Randy Reid, a native of Greensboro, North Carolina, received a Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and English from Western Carolina University, a master of arts in history at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a PhD in history at Louisiana State University. In 1986, he accepted a part-time teaching position at Athens Academy. The next year, he assumed the duties of a full-time teacher and the following year became chairman of the Humanities Department. His teaching duties have included courses in United States history, European history, Southern history, political science, and economics.

He currently teaches two courses, “Visions in Literature and Film” and “Learning About Home: Original Research in Georgia History.” The latter class is a project-based course designed to assist students to develop college-level research skills while encouraging an appreciation for local history. Students from the class have presented their work at regional, national, and international conferences over the past four years and participated in local events such as “Seen/Unseen,” a 2013 pop-up exhibition on local history as part of the University of Georgia’s Spotlight on the Arts. Since 2014, he also has served as a college counselor.

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