AHS Board Update and Special Thanks


Note: In 2017, the AHS Bylaws were updated to allow fifteen members to serve on the Board rather than twelve. The 2019-2021 terms end in January, although they may be extended for a short time this year due to the COVID-19 cancellation of AHS events.

Updated and corrected list of current AHS board members and their terms:

Dan Aldridge
Larry B. Dendy
Bill Mann
Patricia McAlexander
Harry Neely
Ashleigh Oatts
Ashley Shull
Fred Smith

Tom Gresham
Cindy Hahamovitch
Kristie L. Person
Randy Reid
Jonathan Scott
Frank Thornburg
Sam Thomas

The Winter 2020 Stroller went to print before all Board nominations were in. Here are the two new Board members whose bios and pictures did not appear in that issue:

Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott has a master’s degree in historic preservation and public history from Georgia State University. He’s been a curator for projects with the Atlanta History Center, the Smyrna Museum of History and the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw. He was co-curator of an exhibition on the Titanic held in China, and he’s been a historical consultant for a television series. He lives in Winterville where he has a consulting business and is secretary of the Winterville Historic Preservation Commission.

Frank Thornburg

Frank Thornburg retired in 2007 from a 25-year career in the U.S. Air Force with the rank of colonel. His training is in health care, with a specialty in the area of nursing, and he held command positions in medical operations at Air Force bases in the U.S. , England, and Germany. After retiring, Col. Thornburg held leadership positions in nursing at hospitals in Colorado and the VA Medical Center in Augusta. Since moving to Athens 10 years ago, he’s taken a strong interest in local history and is active in both the Athens Historical Society and Historic Athens. He volunteers with Meals on Wheels, is on the board of the American Legion and on the alumni committee of the Athens-Clarke County Citizens Police Academy.

Thanks to Athens Boards Members

Thanks to the Board members who stepped down at the end of their terms, with a particular recognition for Svea Bogue, who handled refreshments at programs and served as membership co-chair; Jordan Shoemaker, the other membership co-chair, keeper of the Excel mailing list, and coordinator of the Jefferson ramble and the AHS program in Winterville; and Steve Armour, AHS historian. Although she is not a member of the Board, Theresa Flynn, former AHS vice president and one of the editors of the
Athens Historian, will take Steven’s place as AHS historian.

We also thank these Board members who have agreed to serve as AHS officers for another year: Sam Thomas, President, keeps us organized at the TRR Cobb house meeting room; Harry Neely, Treasurer, handles dues, donations, and budget (and checks our mail); Ashley Shull, secretary, not only takes the minutes at our meetings but also is ACC library liaison and responder to AHS email; Larry Dendy, vice president, takes care of many ad hoc tasks and serves as chief editor of the Historian. We also particularly thank Dan Aldridge, for doing a great job managing our merchandise as well as arranging for the publication of Michael Thurmond’s book and the maps of Winterville; Ashleigh Oatts, who does our Facebook posts and is our liaison to Inherit Athens; Bill Mann, who maintains the AHS membership list; and Pat McAlexander, Stroller editor and an Historian editor.

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