List of Articles appearing in the Athens Historian Volumes 1-5: 1996 – 2000

Athens Historian Volume V (2000)

The Legacy of Memorial Park, by Marie Hodgson Koenig  1:4-11

Gold Star Honor Roll  1:12-15

Winston Hodgson Remembered, by Dan Magill  1:16-19

Miss Rosa and the Chocolate Creams, by Susan Frances Barrow Tate 1:20-23

Mrs. Howell Cobb’s Letters to her son Lamar Cobb  1:24-34

Life at the Lyndon House, by Chick Hodgson   1:35-42

Creation of Clarke County, by Richard N. Fickett III   1:43-46

1803 Deed Creating Watkinsville   1:47-48

Samuel Boykin’s Reminiscences of the Original Botanical Garden of the

University of Georgia, with amplification by W. Porter Kellam 2:4-21

Lacy Fleming Mangleburg Remembered, by Dan Magill 2:22-31

To L.F.M., poem to Lacy Fleming Mangleburg by Raymond Staples 2:32

Oconee Hill Cemetery, by Charlotte Thomas Marshall 2:33-40

E. Merton Coulter’s 100th Anniversary, by Horace Montgomery 3:4-13

Dominie House, by Hubert H. McAlexander 3:15-20

Jubilee!, by Michael L. Thurmond 3:21-38

A.B. Cree Letters 3:39-42

Lamar Cobb’s “Iron Clad” Oath 3:43

Weather Watchers for Athens, by Gayther Plummer 3:44-52

Bartram’s Buffalo Lick, by Louis DeVorsey  4:3-13

Black Educators & Their Schools: Quenching the Thirst for Knowledge, by

Michael L. Thurmond  4:14-32

Historic Chestnut Grove School, by Marie Hodgson Koenig   4:33-35

Musical Theatre in Athens, Georgia:  1865 – 1888, by Ethel Tison Chaffin


Society of Yore, by Lamar Rutherford Lipscomb  4:45-48

Weather Watchers for Athens: Part II: 1890 to 1996, by Gayther Plummer


The Troup Artillery’s “Sallie Craig,” by William S. Smedlund  5:3-9

Industry and Discord in Confederate Athens, by Michael Gagnon  5:10-26

Student Life at the University of Georgia in the 1840s, by Lester Hargrett


The Black Church: Not by Faith Alone, by Michael L. Thurmond  5:37-47

The Black Church: Not by Faith Alone, by Michael L. Th

Historic Gardens of Athens, by John C. Waters  5:48-51