Gold Star Honor Roll for Athens and Clarke County 

Athens Historian Volume I (1996)

Compiled by Dr. Goodloe Y. Erwin & Mike Chapman

Donations of $9,000 by friends, family and citizens led to the

dedication of a bronze plaque on May 27, 1996, listing the names

of men from Athens and Clarke County who died in

World War I and World War II.

The plaque is placed on a stone marker at the entrance to

Memorial Park, which was named in honor of the men and

women who served in the two world wars.

Dr. Goodloe Y. Erwin, past President of the Athens Historical

Society, and Mike Cheatham compiled the list after lengthy research:


Chester Aaron

Chester P. Adair

William G. Allen

Harry Allgood

Edward H. Bugg

Joe Carson

Aaron M. Cohen

Howell B. Cobb

William P. Eppes

Allen R. Fleming, Jr.

Rube Glenn

Robert G. Griffith

Audley W. Harbin

Troy Harbin

Frederick G. Hodgson

E. Hammond Johnson

James Leohr

Hal B. McWhorter

Clemon Richards

Frank L. Walker

H.L. Jewett Williams


Carl J. Aaron

Mark S. Adams

James Adrian

Joseph P. Alexander

William G. Allen

James A. Andrews, Jr.

James C. Andrews

Richard B. Bailey

Walter E. Beard

Leo B. Belcher

W.C. Bisson

Jack N. Branon

John C. Braswell

Edward G. Breedlove

Charles E. Brewer

William B. Broach

Walter L. Bryant

Richard Bullock

Addie S. Burgess

David Burkhalter

Billy Burson

Sam P. Cain

Douglas Campbell

Nick Carpenter

Roland E. Carter, Jr.

James R. Carter

Layman L. Cash

William H. Cheney

Powell D. Cochran

Morris S. Coile

H.G. Cooper, Jr.

Fred M. Cooper

Victor W. Crowe

Louis S. Davis III

J. Weyman Davis

William B. Day

Vernon L. Dockery

J.J. Dodd

Robert Dooley

Cecil W. Doster

Roy Lee Doster

Harry E. Epting

Ralph Ferguson

Caroll D. Flanagan

John A. Foster

John W. Giles

James A. Gillespie

Lewis Gordon

T.E. Green

Heron M. Gunter

Jack Haines, Jr.

Matthew W. Hall

Kenneth Hamilton

Cyril B. Hammond

Edward M. Hardy

Joseph G. Hardy

James D. Harper

Claude B. Hayes

Harold Haynes

Joe H. Hector

“Fuzzy” Higgins

James T. Hill

Robert F. Hodgson

Winston D. Hodgson

Sam Holmes, Jr.

Richard Howell

Arthur Huff, Jr.

Lewis E. Humber

Roswell Ison

J.P. Johnson

Jimmy C. Johnson

Charles J. Jones

Marvin Lea

James Leach

Jessy J. Lewis

Orval Louis Little

Lewis E. Mack

J.C. Mackey

Ralph (Red) Maddox

Lacy Mangleburg

Hiram N. Manus, Jr.

Charles L. Marsh

D.N. Maxwell

James E. McCay

Ben McCree

Isaac J. McKee

Simon Michael

Richard Moore

W.M. Moore

John C. Moseman

Herman R. Moseman

Leroy Neely

Winfield Nisbet, Jr.

David M. Nichols

Frank C. O’Farrell

Ben Parks

E.D. Parks

Harry Patat

Clinton Patrick

Holmes L. Payne

A.J. Peyton

Walter Phillips, Jr.

Thomas L. Powell, Sr.

Thomas N. Powell, Jr.

Harvey B. Pruitt

William Reade

William M. Rivers, Jr.

Howard L. Roberts

Frank S. Robertson

D.C. Rhodeheaver, Jr.

James Rogers

Henry Walter Ruark

Aubrey St. John

Harry G. Scott

Frank G. Smith

James R. Smith

Louie Southerland

Henry Steiner

Alonzo Strickland

Howard Tabor

Carl V. Tanksley

Edward H. Taylor

George W. Thomas

Milton Thompson

John B. Thrasher

William R. Thurman

Harold L. Tiller

George E. Tully

Stokes Walker

William D. Walls

James Watson

W.O. White

James A. Williams

Cleveland Wilson

Owen Woods

Robert F. Wright