The Papers of Athens Historical Society

The Papers of the Athens Historical Society is a collection of publications created by the earliest formations of the Athens Historical Society.

Below is a complete list of articles found in Volume I (1964) and Volume (1979). Volume I, dating back to 1964, is available for purchase in our store.


Volume I (1964)

Athens: Its Earliest History by Mary Bondurant Warren

Athenians and Savannahians: 100 Years of Exchange, 1800-1900by Lilla M. Hawes

Some Early Republicans in Athens and Clarke County by Olive H. Shadgett

Howell Cobb and the Secession Movement in Georgia by Horace Montgomery

Tom Cobb at the Montgomery Convention by John F. Stegeman, M.D.

Random Recollections, or Leaves from the Linton Branch of the Hull Family Tree by Lucy Linton (abridged transcription)

The Settlement of Scull Shoals, Georgia by Grace Hardigree Collier

Braswells Make Gift of Historic Gate for Jackson Street Cemetery

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Volume II (1979)

Some Reminiscences of Early Life and Times by the Reverend Henry Newton (transcription)

Athens Houses of the 1820s by Patricia Irvin Cooper

Early Water-Powered Industries in Athens and Clarke County by Louis De Vorsey, Jr.

George Cooke and the Chapel Painting by Beth Abney

The Confedeate Armory of Cook & Brother by Charles J. Brockman, Jr.

The Black Journalists: Current Events and Controversy by Michael L. Thurmond

The First Twenty Years: A Brief History of the Athens Historical Society by Susan B. Tate

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The Athens Historian

The Athens Historian is the yearly publication of the Athens Historical Society. It includes papers presented to the Society as well as other papers of interest about Athens history. After a hiatus of six years, the Athens Historian returned in 2013.

Below are the Volumes and Titles of the work featured in previous publications of the Athens Historian, dating back to 1998. Open the dropdown menus to see full titles and find digital versions of many of the publications.

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Volume III (1998)

E. Merton Coulter’s 100th Anniversary by Horace Montgomery

Dominie House by H. Hubert McAlexander

Jubilee by Michael L. Thurmond

The A. B. Cree Letters, 1865 (transcription)

Lamar Cobb’s “Iron Clad” Oath (reproduction of original document)

Weather Watchers for Athens: 1733-1890 by Gayther Plummer

Volume VII (2002)

The Jewish Community in Athens, Georgia: The First Hundred Years by Steven S. Bush

The Sams Family of Athens by Mike Cheatham

A Passion for Science: Joseph LeConte of Georgia by Lester D. Stephens

The Atlanta Life Insurance Company: A WPA Interview with John H. Roberson by Mrs. Grace McCune, with detail added by Dr. Al Hester

The Ridge Runner: A History of the North-East Georgia Railroadby George M. Kozelnicky

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Volume IX (2004)

The Fire Companies of Athens by Wendell Faulkner

Athens’ First Brilliant Eccentric Professor by William Porter Kellam and Gayther Plummer

James Longstreet by Gooloe Y. Erwin, M.D.

Gospel Pilgrim Cemetery: A Rich Resource in African-American History by Al Hester, Ph.D.

T. R. R. Cobb, Educator and Evangelist, compiled by Henry Ramsey

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Volume XI (2006)

Revolutionary War Patriot Graves in Clarke and Oconee Countiesby Dana Anderson

The History of Newspapers in Athens by Don Nelson

The Dedication of the Abraham Baldwin Monument at His Connecticut Birth Site by Milton Leathers

Remembering the Southern Mutual Building by Upshaw C. Bentley, Jr.

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Volume XII (2013)

Revolutionary War Patriot Graves in Clarke and Oconee Countiesby Dana Anderson

The History of Newspapers in Athens by Don Nelson

The Dedication of the Abraham Baldwin Monument at His Connecticut Birth Site by Milton Leathers

Remembering the Southern Mutual Building by Upshaw C. Bentley, Jr.

Issue Index

A Brief History of the Western Circuit by Donald E. Wilkes, Jr.

Greek Revival Suburban Villas in Athens, Georgia by Mark Reinberger, Ph.D.

Architecture Glossary (photo essay)

“A Heap of Persons Calls Me Charles, But I Have the Names Charley and Hicks” by Al Hester, Ph.D.

Volume II (1997)

Samuel Boykin’s Reminiscenses of the Original Botanical Garden of the University of Georgia, with amplification by W. Porter Kellam

Lucy Fleming Mangleburg Remembered by Dan Magill

Oconee Hill Cemetery by Charlotte Thomas Marshall

Volume VI (2001)

How Athens Came to Be by Mary Bondurant Warren

The Oconee River in Finnegan’s Wake by Hugh Kenner

A Garden Journal from 1839 by Mary E. G. Harden (transcription)

Malthus Augustus Ward (1794-1863) by Margaret B. Moore

Augustin Smith Clayton (1783-1839) by Frances Clayton Bryan Brewer

The Charles Dougherty Family: Marriage and Death in 1853 Athens by Charlotte Thomas Marshall

The Judge Hamilton McWhorter House by Gary L. Doster

The Heritage Room of the Athens-Clarke County Library by Laura Carter

The Story of the Walnut Tree by John P. Bondurant II

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Volume VIII (2003)

Paul Hamilton Hayne and Andrew Agate Lipscomb, Brothers of the Guild by Rayburn S. Moore

Athletics in Athens by Dan Magill

Robert Lee Bloomfield of Athens, 1827-1916 by Olivia B. Carslile

The Black Journalists by Michael L. Thurmond

The Power to Destroy: Taxation as a Cause of the Civil War by Carl Vipperman

Mame by Mary Stark Bowers

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Volume X (2005)

A Tribute to Goodloe Y. Erwin by Betty Alice Fowler

Stoneman’s Raid and the Battle of Barber Creek by Goodloe Y. Erwin

Coach Herman J. Stegeman and His Family by Dan Magill

First Baptist Continues 175 Years of Service by Ernest C. Hynds

The First United Methodist Church of Athens, Georgia by Mary Claire Bondurant Warren

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Volume XII (2007)

T. R. R. Cobb and His Wandering House by Sam Thomas

Athens in 1860 by Marion J. Rice

The Saga of Chalky Level by Eve B. Mayes

A Chalky Level Photogravure (a portrait and photograph collection)

A Family Memoir by Jim White (transcription)

John White’s Rules of Life (transcription)

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Volume XX (2020)

Athens Historian 2020 vol 20

The True Story of Clarke County’s 1876 Jail Building by Gary L. Doster

The Bass House and Other Mysteries by Hubert H. McAlexander

A Supporting Role: A Student’s Recollections of Desegregation at the University of Georgia by Joan Zitzelman

Lizzie Orr Stands Up to the Cavalry: A Case of Resistance to Impressment of Private Property in Athens in 1864 by Dottie Kimbrell

Partners in Flight: Documents Cement Partnership Between Athens Aviation Pioneers by Dan A. Aldridge, Jr.

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