To Lasso the Clouds: The Beginning of Aviation in Georgia

To Lasso the Clouds: The Beginning of Aviation in Georgia




By Dan Aldridge, 2016.

Hard cover, 200 pages, illustrations.

“The story of the first airplane flight in Georgia has not been told correctly in more than one hundred years. The year given for this flight, 1907, is not correct, the plane identified as the first to fly never got off the ground, and Ben T. Epps, Sr. is incorrectly credited, solely, with achieving this feat. To Lasso the Clouds sets the historical record straight and brings to light the complete, incredible story of the two young men from Athens, Georgia who achieved their dream of flight. Epps and Zumpt A. Huff were described by one newspaper after that first flight as a “second pair of Wright brothers.” On their journey to build a machine capable of sustained, controlled flight, this unlikely pair crossed paths with some of the world’s greatest icons including: Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company; Glenn Curtis, father of Naval Aviation and founder of the American Aircraft Industry; Alessandro Anzani, an Italian, world-famous for designing and building motorcycle and airplane engines; Louis Bl riot, a Frenchman, who was the first person in the world to fly a monoplane; and Bobby Walthour of Atlanta, Georgia, World Champion bicyclist in 1904 and 1905, and perhaps the greatest athlete in the world at the time. Most surprising of all, this book reveals their flight was the first flight of a monoplane in the United States–a record of which even they were not aware.”

About the Author

Dan A. Aldridge, Jr. is a semi-retired business consultant who currently serves as vice president of the Friends of Georgia Libraries. He received a BS degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and a JD degree from the University of Georgia School of Law. Aldridge resides in Winterville, Georgia.


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